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Meet Biolab at Medlab

See Biolab at Medlab Middle East 2021 from 21-24 June in Dubai. For appointments contact

We look forward to seeing you!

Newly developed Chromogenic UTI agar, regular and economical line

Biolab technical team has developed a modified version of its Chromogenic Urine agar, a chromogenic medium for the simultaneous detecion of all main micro-organisms that cause urinary tract infections.

ChromoBio Urine agar → new code: UTI (Chromogenic UTI agar)

EcoBio Urine agar → new code: EUTI (EcoBio UTI agar)

Change in Biolab products codes

Dear Partners,

The following change has taken place in our product codes:

DEX Glucose, anhydrous → DEA Glucose, anhydrous

DEH Glucose, 1-hydrate → DEX Glucose, 1-hydrate

Thank you for your understanding.