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BIOLAB Inc. was established in December 1991, as the first private company on the field of Hungarian microbiological market. The ownership pattern of our company encompasses 3 private entities. Our core businesses are the culture media and plastic disposable production and distribution and we also engage in the distribution of raw materials, fine chemicals and diagnostics.

We began our export activity in 2000 and today our products appear on the markets of 44 countries of five continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and Australia). Our most significant customers are from the surrounding countries and the European Union’ s member states, like Great-Britain, Germany, Belgium the microbiological sectors of which are the most developed ones in the world.

As we maintain very good relations with many forwarders we are able to deliver the shipments safely to any destination at favourable prices. Thanks to the proficiency of our colleagues we can lend a helping hand in custom clearance as well.

Our company offers guaranteed high quality products at a middle price. Our products are manufactured under ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance system and those products which are under effect of directive 98/79/EC are CE marked. Integrated Corporate Management System (SAP) was introduced in 2009.

We are the biggest Hungarian supplier for microbiological laboratories in the following fields: health care, food and water microbiology, mineral water and soft drinks industry, university and scientific research, veterinary and pharmaceutical industry.



Product List 2023

Raw Materials

Culture Media


Reagents and Stains

Antimicrobial susceptibility discs

Plastic disposables

Transport Sets and COVID-19 Diagnostics


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